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Got Balls…

August 1, 2009

This is a picture of some balls. Nothing much. Didn’t take long to model. Didn’t take long to apply materials. This was an excercise in depth of field. I wanted the object to be in focus and everything else to progressivly blur. I think it worked alright.


Working Vacation…

June 10, 2009

Considering all of my responsiblities (work, family, ect.), I have always thought of sleeping as a vacation. If you think about it, it’s probably a vacation for you as well. It’s a time to relax, stretch out, close your eyes, forget the world, and dream. When I wake up, I’m refreshed, I feel great, and I’m ready to face the real world with a little bit more energy and enthusiasm.

Sometimes my dreams are demanding. If I stay up too late playing a video game and I can’t get past a certain level, I’ll have a demanding dream; I’ll dream about figuring a way out of the level. When I have a demanding dream, it’s like taking a working vacation. I get a little less relaxed. My energy is only slighty recharged.

On a completely unrelated note (which is my sarcastic way of saying “related note”), I made this render today after dreaming of it last night. Two questions…

1 – What is it?
2 – What does it do?

BTW, this is exactly how I visualize this in my demanding dreams.


It’s Very Cold In Space…

May 19, 2009

The other day, I decided to take a trip around the world utilizing a Low Earth Orbiting Vehicle. I took a couple of photographs. Enjoy…

Ok… I wasn’t really in space. These are actually 3D renders that I made using 3DS Max and some earth images I found online. Believe it or not, these were rendered with Scanline instead of Mental Ray.


Three Dee Ess Max…

May 13, 2009

I just “Purchased” 3DS Max 2010.

It’s weird. When I first started it up, I thought for just a second it was a cruel joke. The user interface was a big blob of gray shading. Fortunately, I was able to clean it up a little. After about 5 minutes messing with a custom UI, I made it somewhat visually appealing… at least enough to start working on something simple.

The good news is the lighting seems a little easier to figure out. The bad news? Nothing yet. More to come…


Loodacris Intro…

May 7, 2009

This was made back in 2006 for a fellow gamer. When she starts her game up, this is the intro that plays. Her talent was in defending the flag – by constantly spamming the flag base or anyone she sees, including her own team – so I thought it was fitting to have her defending the flag in her video.

Again, I made this with UT2004. The map I used was a custom map that I had made earlier the previous year. The music was taken from “Belgian Resistance” by Sharpside, which is the track that I use in the map.


Propellerhead Reason…

May 5, 2009

It’s really hard for me to come up with something to design with 3DS Max. It’s easier for me to just pick a logo and make a 3D version of it. Yesterday I decided to do a render of Propellerhead Reason’s logo shown here:

This is what I came up with:

The orange boxes are just chamber boxes booleaned with a cylinder. The orange colored material is a high gloss ceramic and the black material is a two tone car paint. I used two white self-illuminated boxes to stimulate the center sphere. The stage material is a polished cement. All materials except for the self-illuminated white are standard mental ray materials.

The lighting was a little tough for me. I still haven’t mastered lighting with 3DS Max 2009. I used two photometric target lights at 110K lm from each side to simulate relfected light. I also used a standard omni, with shadows enabled, from above and behind. Most of the ambient light was generated from a standard skylight directly above center.

More logos to come…



May 4, 2009

Here is a header design I made for my brother’s poker blog. I actually made a lot of different styles but this is the one my brother likes the best.

The 4 suits were modeled with 3DS Max 2007. I used a chrome material for the edges and a checkered car paint material for the center. The surface is also a car paint material but I lower the reflectivity to lower it’s presence.

My goal was to make it look as real as possible. After I finished, I felt it looked real but not real enough. I changed my goal to make it look a little abstract. I opened the file in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and added a plastic wrap filter.

Here are some other examples…