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Vacation: Approved…

July 31, 2009

San Diego, here I come. The only question is if my wife’s vacation will be approved. Then we’ll be heading down the week of August 17th.

My parents strong armed someone and now they have free use of a beach side condo. This is going to be great!

Another interesting opportunity has arisen. It seems that all three golfers who either hold or have held the Anchor Cup will be in San Diego at the same time. If you consider there are 90+ golf courses in the general area, this could end up being an epic battle for the Anchor Cup.

Tee time will be early Monday morning at a yet to be determined golf course.

The contestants:

Erick “Buster Douglas” Wales – Defending Champion and current holder of the Anchor Cup. What’s with the nickname? Well, let’s face it. It was complete luck that he ended up with the trophy to begin with. And like James “Buster” Douglas, it’s likely he won’t hold on to it for long.

Bill “George Foreman” Wales – His claim to fame is he started this whole tradition. He has been Sans-trophy for almost a year. It was last August (2008) when he was annihilated by me. What’s with the nickname? Well, let’s face it. He’s a little too old for this game. And just like “George Foreman”, he may have had a good run but his time is up. If he’s lucky, I’ll let him see his reflection in the Anchor Cup as I take it from Erick’s hands.

Danny “Floyd Mayweather” Saiz – (Excuse me as I Ricky Henderson this part. It sounds better if I go 3rd person) One time Champion who lost the Cup on rented clubs and a hangover. Now he’s got a killer driver and his own clubs. Can anyone stop him? I think not. What’s with the nickname? Before he retired (stopped playing golf due to Daughter), he was considered the best pound for pound golfer in the world. Now he’s coming back out of retirement to claim what is rightfully his. The Amateurs have had their fun.

Now that we have established that I am good at talking trash, we can get down to some real talk. In reality, the Anchor Cup can go home with just about any of us. Bill Wales has got the experience and consistency. Erick Wales has the youth, the ever-developing talent and nerves of steel (he sank a 10 foot putt to take the Cup from me). And myself? I’ve got waning distance and terrible inaccuracy with my irons. That should make it fair for the rest of them.

Disclaimer – of the three golfers in the promotional flyer, only Danny Saiz actually has a mustache. Bill Wales shaved his mustache in 1991 and Erick Wales can’t grow any facial hair whatsoever to save his life. The mustaches appearing on their faces were photoshopped from material taken from the band “the Silent Comedy”, used without permission. To make up for my complete lack of respect for trademarks and copyrights, I ask that anyone who reads this should immediately download all songs posted on iTunes written/performed by “the Silent Comedy”.


Cobra – Speed LD-F Drivers 2008

July 25, 2009


I used this driver when I rented it at Riverwalk in San Diego. I sliced every single shot about 90 degrees. So why did I buy it? Because I’m crazy!! Or not.

There are some important differences. The biggest is the flex. The San Diego driver, which was a 10.5 degree, had a regular flex. I’m used to driving with my tiny little Orlimar 9 degree. A regular flex is ok with the smaller driver head. This driver head is the full 460. The regular flex opens up the club face with my normal swing.

The driver I got, a 9.5 degree, came with a stiff shaft… uh… let’s call it a stiff flex. With my normal grip (closed face) and a medium to fast downswing, the extra firmness of the shaft will keep the club face perpendicular to my target line.

I hit a couple of balls and so far, so good. The contact sounds a little different but it feels nice a solid. I’m guessing that I’m getting about 15 to 20 yards of extra distance against my old, beat up Orlimar. There is a little bit of a fade in the shot but it’s definitely straighter than that rental I used at Riverwalk. I can’t wait to play a full round with this. I’m hoping to shave at least 5 strokes off my game.


J.Ro Logo

January 17, 2009

The 2009 season is about to start for the LGPA. I decided to make a 3D logo for my favorite golfer, Jenny Rosales. I used ornament material for the blue outline. I used a checkered carpaint Raytrace for the pink and a chrome material for the… chrome looking part. I’ll probably make a desktop wallpaper available for download on her website.


Sunnyvale Golf (10-18)

November 6, 2008

Hole #10 – Par 5, 500 yards

Aim your drive to the far right side of the fairway. You should try and crush if you want to reach in two. If you slice, there is a lot of real estate in the 11th fairway so don’t worry too much.

If you really get hold of it, you will be left with between 200 and 250 yards to the green. The farther you hit, the better your chances, obviously. There are 8 sand traps in play during your second shot. 5 traps on the left, 1 on the right, and 2 on the back of the green.
You should choose a club that you know you can hit straight. If that means laying up, lay up. Don’t mess with the traps on the right or you will be hitting trap to trap until you reach the green.

If you hit over the green, one of two things will happen. 1) you’ll land in one of the two traps. 2) you’ll end up under the fence and on highway 237. Don’t hit over the green.

Hole #11 – Par 4, 380 yards

Aim to the left of the fairway bunker. Don’t aim over the bunker unless you have some serious power. It is a 255 yard carry. A good 1st shot will leave a 125 yard pitching wedge. Stick it close and putt for birdie.

Hole #12 – Par 4, 360 yard

This is a complicated hole that can turn into a 400 yard par 4 if you don’t play it right. Everything depends on your drive.

If you hit an iron, aim just to the right of the fairway bunker. If you hit a driver, it will take 200 yards to carry the bunker and land on the fairway… but if you hit it more than 250 yards, you’ll hit through the fairway and end up in the rough.

I play this hole like a wanna-be Tiger. I tee it up an extra 1/4 inch and aim over that first tall tree (see image on the left). That angle requires a 245 yard carry and will leave a 65 yard loft wedge for your second shot.

It is a little risky but I find there is not much trouble if I don’t make it to the fairway. Plus, if I slice it, I end up in the middle of the fairway just past the fairway bunker.

If you stick it close, a birdie putt is makeable. The green slopes slightly from back to front.

Hole #13 – Par 3, 165 yards

A trap on the right, a trap in the back, and a huge trap on the left. There is also a steady breeze going right to left.

The green is large and slopes from back left to front right. Hit it close or you may find yourself 3 putting. If you find the sand, any out is a good out… unless you hit it into a trap opposite the green.

Hole #14 – Par 4, 335 yards

Aim your drive right down the center. Hit it straight and true. If you slice it, there is hidden water on the right if you don’t get enough on it.

Your second shot will be between 90 and 110 yards to a green that is well protected in the front. Hit if far enough to clear those bunkers. There is enough room behind the green so don’t worry about hitting it too much. The green slopes slightly back to front.

Hole #15 – Par 3, 175 yards

The green is surrounded by 4 sand traps. If you miss right or left, you will most likely end up there. The trees surrounding the green protect your shot from the wind so aim right at the flag.

If you hit past the green, you should be able to find your ball. If you hit too far to the left, you will be in the middle of a ton of trees. I call it the bird cage. Try and stay away from there.

Hit it close and putt for birdie.

Hole #16 – Par 4, 300 yards

The water on this hole is a mere 248 yards out. If you use your driver, you need to be accurate with your aim. Most people in my playing group will use a 3-wood or 3-iron.

I always use my driver. I figure I’ll either hit it straight or I’ll slice it. Aiming for the beginning of the cart path, I’ll tee it up low and do everything I can to crush it. If I hit it straight, I usually role down the left side of the water and end up safely on the second section of the fairway. If I slice it, I end up on the 17th fairway with a pretty good look at the 16th green. When I am trying to crush it, I never end up with a hook.

If my drive is successful, I am left with a 35 to 40 yard second shot. From there, I can stick it close and knock down a birdie. If you opt to drive just short of the water, you will be left with an easy 90 to 100 yard shot. Don’t pay attention to the water and stick it close.

Hole #17 – Par 4, 345 yards

This fairway is extremely narrow with nasty trees on both sides of the fairway. Don’t miss the fairway. Aim to the right because that is the best side to miss. You may want to use an iron. A 200 yard iron drive will leave 150 yards to the green. A 250 yard drive will leave just 100 yards. I use a driver.

The green is protected by sand traps right, left, and in the back.

Hole #18 – Par 4, 325 yards

Aim your drive right down the line of the left side of the fairway. If you hit it straight, you will end up right of the water. The water is 226 yards out and 295 yards to carry. If you hook your drive, you’ll be in the water if you don’t clip the trees. If you slice, you will end up in those nasty trees I mentioned from hole #15.

A good drive will put you between 65 and 85 yards out. Depending on your angle, the water may still be in play. Again, who cares about a little water. Pretend it’s not there and stick it close.

If you land in one of the two sand traps behind the green, you could be in some trouble. The green is two levels, the higher level in the back. A good out should land on the upper level, otherwise you could role your shot into the water. It’s a very good idea to stay out of the sand.

Sunnyvale Golf (1-9)

November 3, 2008

Sunnyvale Municipal Golf Course is located where highway 101 and 237 meet. It is an 18 hole regulation length course, par 70, 6,255 yards, 70 rating, and a 121 slope. This is my home course so if you are the same skill level as me, I will beat you 9 out of 10 times.

The following is a course guide for the front nine…

Hole #1 – Par 4, 375 yards

Bust out your driver and hit it right down the middle of the fairway. Unless you hit it 300+ yards, you should stay out of the back rough. If you hit it like John Daly, you might want to think about using a 3-wood.

If you slice your tee shot, you will be in the water so hit it straight… no pressure. Straight down the middle of the fairway should leave you with a 125 yard pitching wedge to the center of the green. Green slopes back to front.

This hole is easy. A lot of golfers try to get cute and use an iron off the tee. That will leave water, sand and trees in play for your second shot. Just hit the driver and hit it straight.

Hole #2 – Par 4, 370 yards

Again, tee off with a driver. I like to aim just to the left of the fairway trap on the right. You need to hit it 230 yards to clear the trap if you miss hit. If you slice your drive, you will most likely clear the water on the right unless you hit it really bad.

A 250 yard drive will leave a 125 yard pitching wedge to the center of the green. Green slopes slightly back to front.

Hole #3 – Par 5, 480 yards

This hole bends ever so slightly to the right at the first sand trap. Hit your driver just to the left of that first fairway trap. If you have some power, aim over the trap. It will take 240 to clear the trap and 250 to reach the fairway.

It is pretty easy to reach in two. A good drive will leave you between 200 and 220 yards to reach the center of the green. A bad drive is not a huge problem. A slice puts you in the fairway on hole #9. There are a couple of trees but nothing to worry about. A hook is a little bit more of a concern as there are trees to the left of the fairway to deal with.

The green is protected by a trap to the right and in the rear. Not much slope on the green so a two putt or one putt is expected.

Hole #4 – Par 3, 150 yards

Use your 150 yard club. For me, an 8 or a 9-iron. Stick it close and putt for birdie. Not much to this hole. Sand on the left and in the back. A pretty big, receptive green. Easy hole.

Hole #5 – Par 4, 300 yards

Keep your driver in the bag. The trees to the right of the tee box are way too tall for a “reach in one” attempt.

Use 4 or 5-iron, tee it up about 1/4 inch higher than normal, and aim along the trees to the right. This should put you right in the middle of the fairway about 90 to 110 yards out. You want to tee it up just in case your line if off. Your trajectory will allow you to clear the trees.

If you slice your first shot, you should be able to find your ball in the trees on the right. Your second shot will be tricky because of the trees and the first sand trap. The trap is pretty big and slopes up to the green.

The green is pretty big and slopes from back right to front left.

Hole #6 – Par 4, 360 yards

This hole has the appearance of a par 5 because you can’t see the hole. The fairway takes a 45 degree right turn after the first 200 yards. It is not a good idea to tee off with your driver, which makes your second shot pretty long. Again, feels like a par 5.

If you use your driver off the tee, you can expect to hit through the fairway if you have any power at all. It is only 210 yards to the end of the fairway if you hit it straight. There is also hidden water 250 yards out. If you insist on your driver, hit a fade. A slice is not going to cut it because there are some very tall trees guarding the right rough.

A good drive is a 3 or 4-iron hit straight to 200 yards. That will leave you with a 7 or 8-iron and 160 yards to the center of the green. Getting in trouble on the right is messy with three sand traps and foliage that should not be called grass. The green is higher than the fairway and relatively flat. Don’t overshoot the green or you will be talking a long walk.

Hole #7 – Par 3, 135 yards

Club up so you don’t land in the water. This green is huge and slopes from back to front. There are two traps on the right and towering trees on the left. Hit it close and putt for birdie.

Hole #8 – Par 4, 320 yards

I hate this hole. On average, I lose 2.4 balls to water. That’s based on my last 10 rounds. As you can see in the picture to the left, there is a crap ton of water on the hole. Before you decide to putt from the tee box, relax… don’t even think about the water. Just hit it straight.

You can use your driver on this hole. I hit my driver straight 17 out of 18 times. Unfortunately, that 1 time in 18 comes during the 8th hole at Sunnyvale. A slice goes in the water to the right. A hook goes in the water to the left. Use an iron.

A 3, 4 or 5-iron will put you between 120 and 135 yards out. This is a good, manageable position to be in considering there is water in front of the green. A wedge will bring you home.

The trick to the second shot is to imagine that you are hitting into one of the two sand traps behind the green. There is a sneaky wind that will blow your high flying wedge shot into the water. Aiming for the sand will put you in the middle of the green. Worse case, you’ll be in the sand. The sand is not the water. I hate the water.

Good luck on this hole. Actually, good luck on holes 1 – 7 and 9-18. That is where you will make up for the 8 that you will score on 8. Green slopes slowly toward the water.

Hole #9 – Par 4, 400 yards

This hole is immediately adjacent to the par 5 3rd hole. It feels a lot like a par 5 but you only get 4 shots to get home. Hit your driver straight and long or you will feel a little depressed (especially after the 8th hole).

A hook will put you on the 3rd hole fairway. A slice will put you in short rough will very little trees to deal with. Hit the ball straight, aiming for the left side of the sand trap (220 yards to carry).

A 250 yard drive will leave only 150 yards. Hit your 8-iron and stick it close. A birdie will put you back on track after carding a snowman on the previous hole.